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Melissa Aurora Malate. I'm 22. My family&friends mean everything. I have a passion & dream to sing. I'm a small girl with a big heart. I'm really friendly and love meeting new people. I absolutely love to laugh about anything and everything. People usually tell me I'm really picky about things, but I just take it as I know what I want. I believe that everything happens for a reason and what's meant to be, will be. And last but not least life's too short to be unhappy, so don't waste time.

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When people walk away from you, let them go. You shouldn’t have to talk them into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, and coming to see you, because if they really cared about you in the first place; they would not be going anywhere. Unknown (via bl-a-ze)

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I wish i could go to his concert :’(((

It kills me to see you cry
Even more when I tell a lie
And it’s always something I do, to you baby
And I’m so sorry for all the things that I did
And I can’t say goodbye or let you just walk away
So I’ll admit my wrongs and I hope you hear this
Cause it’s a song I made for you
And I’m hoping maybe I could win back your heart
So please don’t say goodbye I know that loves still there somewhere

back again..

back in this position again.. feeling kinda lost, waking up asking yourself if what happened, really happened..

wondering what to do.. how to do it.. or even if you should do anything at all..

feeling low.. and wondering if it was you to blame.. and how you wished you could have changed things..

thinking to yourself.. are these same things going on in their mind.. or am I the only one feeling this way..

finally realizing that it is real.. and deciding whether to listen to your head and move on or listen to your heart and try your best to fix whats left of it..

knowing that your heart is really what you want to listen to cause you feel most passionate about what your heart is feeling..

Chris Brown - All Back

Why are you so cute?

Oh wow, thank you soo much, you put a smile on my face! :D

Oh just ask me!

Lucky March!

- better relationship

- school/great classes

- and finally I got a job!

Team Boiling Crab!


- training was overwhelming with all the information they were cramming on the new employees today but I can’t wait to get the hang of things.



Why don’t you all just make it official?

thats a good question, i really dont know.. i used to make a big deal about it cause i had some committment issues but now idk maybe we’re just good this way so we don’t care about the label..

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i hate ralph. this is sean.

its okay i hate him too jk i love him

Oh just ask me!

who is ur first love

Well my first love was in high school, his name was Ace but we just couldn’t get along for anything so we drifted apart and now we’re just two different people and could never be but i wish him the best.

Oh just ask me!

who are you taken by??

well technically i dont have a BF but we’re basically together with no label, and his name is Rafayel Rodriguez. :)

Oh just ask me!